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05 Jul TOGG Establishes Charging Stations in All Cities
Aziz 0 910
TOGG Establishes Charging Stations in All CitiesTrugo, TOGG's subsidiary established for charging operations, both shared the current number of stations and gave the good news that it plans to provide..
03 May Information About Electric Vehicles
Aziz 0 598
Information About Electric VehiclesThe use of electric vehicles for a nature-friendly transportation has peaked recently. In fact, the discovery and introduction of electric vehicles goes back many ye..
29 Jan Are Electric Vehicles Sustainable?
Aziz 0 720
Are Electric Vehicles Sustainable?Electric vehicles (EVs) do not get their power requirements from petrol or diesel, they are powered entirely by electricity. It also means a cleaner and quieter futur..
22 Dec Differences Between Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Aziz 0 373
Differences Between Hybrid and Electric VehiclesIn recent years, great changes have been taking place all over the world. The decrease in fossil fuel reserves, especially oil, has naturally seriously ..
30 Nov Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Turkey
Aziz 0 442
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in TurkeyAs in the rest of the world, the number of electric vehicles in our country is increasing day by day. With the proliferation of electric vehicles in traffic..
22 Nov Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers
Aziz 0 1054
Electric Vehicle Battery ManufacturersRecently, interest in some sectors has been increasing due to both the production of electric vehicles, the increase in interest in these vehicles and the abundan..
04 Nov Information About The First Electric Vehicle
Aziz 0 261
Information About the First Electric VehicleSince the 1900s, electric cars have been tried to be popularized with mass production. However, these attempts were shelved each time for different reasons...
18 Oct Information About Some Elements
Aziz 0 321
Information About Some Elements-What is Lithium?Lithium is the chemical element with the symbol "Li" and atomic number 3. Lithium is a type of metal element with a soft texture and light silver color...
20 Sep Information About Sand-Based Batteries
Aziz 0 397
Information About Sand-Based BatteriesResearchers at the University of California, Riverside have designed a coin cell battery that uses silicon in its anode (negative side) instead of overused graphi..
02 Sep Information About Electric Bicycle
Aziz 0 337
Information About Electric BicycleThe main difference of electric bicycles, which are much more popular with developing technologies, from normal bicycles is electric motor support. In addition to the..
22 Aug How to Tell if Car Battery is Dead
Aziz 0 247
How to Tell if Car Battery is DeadBattery drain is not very common. However, if it happens, it is an event that puts the drivers in a difficult situation. How you check your vehicle's fuel and wheels ..
11 Aug Important Information About Solar Panels and Wind Turbines
Aziz 0 281
Important Information About Solar Panels and Wind TurbinesIf we want to stop climate change, we must stop emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To do this, we need to replace all sources of car..
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