Electric vehicle sales in TURKEY are growing exponentially every year. In the January-July period of 2023, electric car sales exceeded the sales in 2022, reaching 17 thousand 307 units. The total number of electric cars on Türkiye's roads has approached 30 thousand. However, many people have questions about the battery life, second-hand value, performance loss and malfunctions of existing electric vehicles. Even those who do not know the exact answers to these questions continue to buy electrical appliances.
It is assembled by combining battery modules in electric cars. There are currently three different modules: cylindrical, prismatic and cell type. In case of a problem or maintenance rules, replacing these modules will be sufficient.
He researched the battery life of electrical sources, whether the power would drop after years, and by expanding the ones in case of malfunction. Accordingly, electric energy batteries lose efficiency by an average of 2 percent per year. In other words, after 8 years, battery efficiency may decrease from 100 percent to 80 percent. The vehicles can be used without any problems for up to 1.5-2 million km. Berkan Bayram, President of the Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association (TEHAD), said that the driving range of an electric vehicle whose battery replacement decreases to 80 percent may decrease from 400 km to 300-320 km, and said, "When the power of the battery decreases, a complete battery replacement is not required. The battery box "It consists of parts called modules. In other words, in case of a malfunction or a decrease in efficiency, it is sufficient to replace the assembly of the defective modules by authorized services. We will hear more about this process in which we change modules soon," he says. Although the change is a continuous situation, the battery does not change. Battery conditions arise depending on which module occurs. "Module replacement is carried out at a very reasonable price. To date, we have not encountered a malfunction that required the entire battery to be replaced. Soysal also reminds us of each year of technology and states that more efficient, high-capacity batteries will soon be offered to individuals.
- Avoid sudden acceleration or braking.
- Do not discharge and recharge the battery, which is constantly used with high performance, at frequent intervals.
- Avoid using DC (fast) charging in very cold weather.
- Be careful to fill the charging range from 20% to 80%.