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Battery Replacement

Medical Device Battery Replacement
Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are used to power a range of medical devices and medical electrical equipment: hearing aids, pacemakers, surgical instruments, medical defibrillators, robots, infusion pumps, monitors and meters are just some of the medical devices that benefit. By replacing these batteries, we enable you to use your devices for a longer time.
Cordless Tools Battery Change
Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are often used for hand tools in jobs where you need to work independently, such as construction and renovation. Drills, handsaws, lawn trimmers, hilti and cordless screwdriver are just a few of them. By replacing these batteries, you can increase the performance of your devices and extend their working time.



We collaborate with all major brands selling and servicing new batteries, chargers, boosters, cables and other accessories - we also manufacture our own products.
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Battery repair, battery-pack repair & assembly (including cordless power tools, blinds & cordless phones), auto battery replacement, recycling old batteries, and more.

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